Coach Registration

Each team entered will be given TWO coaches passes with the team registration. If you need any additional coaching passes, purchase them below.

Coach to Lifter Specifics:

Raw – 1 coach
Equipped – 2 coaches

USA Powerlifting – Coach Responsibility

The aim of USA Powerlifting’s (USAPL) Coach Responsibility is to ensure the successful coaching of powerlifters at our regional and national championships while upholding USAPL standards of drug-free competition, professionalism, and sportsmanship in a manner consistent with the directives of our National Governing Body and Executive Committee.

The coach has many duties and responsibilities associated with the above aim including the following procedures and code of conduct:

Personal attire:

Coaches should exhibit a professional look.  Personal attire should be clean and not torn.  Shirts must have sleeves, athletic shorts or pants, cargo shorts, and jeans are acceptable.  Offensive clothing or clothing from other federations are prohibited. Coaches must be wearing closed-toed shoes at all times.

Additional Items

  • Coaches must adhere to the USA Powerlifting Code of Conduct Policy at all times.
  • Alcoholic consumption is strictly forbidden in the warm-up & competition areas.
  • Video recording is NOT permitted in the coach’s box.
  • Signs of aggression and/or ammonia use are only permitted behind the lifting platform and out of the view of the audience or Livestream.
  • Coaches will ensure their warm-up platform and surrounding area is well kept by replacing all weights to the weight trees and removing all trash.
  • Click on the RED session numbers below to purchase a coach pass.


Wednesday, March 23

  • Session 1
    • All Teen Females 44-60 kg
    • All Teen Males 52-82.5 kg
  • Session 2
    • All Teen Females 67.5-100+ kg
    • All Teen Males 90-140+ kg
  • Session 3
    • All JV Females 44-52 kg
    • All JV Males 52-67.5 kg

Thursday, March 24

  • Session 1
    • All JV Females 56-60 kg
    • All JV Males 75-82.5 kg
  • Session 2
    • All JV Females 67.5-82.5 kg
    • All JV Males 90-110 kg
  • Session 3
    • All JV Females 90-100+ kg
    • All JV Males 125-140+ kg

Friday, March 25

  • Session 1
    • All V Females 44-48 kg
    • All V Males 52-60 kg
  • Session 2
    • All V Females 52-56 kg
    • All V Males 67.5 kg
  • Session 3
    • All V Females 60-67.5 kg
    • All V Males 75 kg

Saturday, March 26

  • Session 1
    • All V Females 75 kg
    • All V Males 82.5-90 kg
  • Session 2
    • All V Females 82.5 kg
    • All V Males 100-110 kg
  • Session 3
    • All V Females 90-100+ kg
    • All V Males 125-140+ kg